Forssan Elävienkuvien teatteri
All movies will be shown at Forssan Elävienkuvien teatteri. Founded in 1906, the theater combines history with modern comforts (77 comfortable seats, toilets). In addition to modern films, engine room has capability of showing 35 mm film reels.



You can order tickets in advance from our website. Please make sure to present the ticket from your phone. You can also print the ticket. During the festival you can buy tickets:

  • Monday - Thursday from the theater before the shows
  • Friday - Sunday from the festival tent

Festival tent

The festival tent will provide you with coffee, pastries, sweets, popcorn, sodas and sausages. Festival tent will be open on Friday and Saturday. Information and tickets will also be available at the tent.


Accommodation and restaurants

You can find information on Accomodation and restaurants from



The best way to reach Forssa is by a bus from Helsinki, Turku, Hämeenlinna and Pori. Schedules: The nearest train station is in Humppila, about 22km from Forssa. Distances in Forssa are short: it takes less than 10 minutes to walk from bus station to the theater (550 meters).


Forssan Mykkäelokuvayhdistys

The function of Forssan Mykkäelokuvayhdistys is to make silent film recognized and appreciated. The association has repaired, and still maintains one of the oldest functioning movie theaters in Europe (1906). The theater has been digitalized to suit today's challenges. The annual Silent Film Festivals have been organized since 2000.

You can support our cause by becoming a supporting member. Read more



We appreciate all the help we can get in organizing the festival. Volunteers will attend to:

  • cleaning
  • setting up the festival tent
  • ticket and other sales
  • cafeteria
  • translating the movies
  • security
  • assisting live musicians.

If you're interested in volunteering, please contact us.